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Add Scheduled Report
1. Name Report 

This report name may be changed. Duplicate report names are allowed.
Any character may be used for the report name, but the length is limited to 20 characters.
If a report name is not specified, a default report name will be assigned. The default report name will be "sr" followed by 5 numbers.
2. Select Frequency 
daily every day(s)
weekly every week(s) on
monthly on the day of the month
quarterly, on the day of
begin at: Pacific
3. Select Report Type 
report type:
4. Select Report Filters 
Depress and hold the "Ctrl" key to select multiple filtering options.
call result:
Show only active ad sources
ad source:
5. Select Call Duration 
choose start and stop time
— or choose custom time range:
to: to:
6. Select Time and Day Filter 
day(s) of week:
7. Select Start and End Dates 
choose start and stop dates
start running:
- or choose custom date range:
stop running: to:
8. Select Recipients
Type each recipient's address in the box above, one address per line.
* indicates an address that is undeliverable or that has requested no emails be sent.